Social Media Audit

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How’s your Social Media doing? Is it working for you? Take our Social Media Audit to give you an idea of how your Social Media is performing, and see how we can help you improve! 

Does your main YouTube video explain what your company does?
Have you updated your Facebook page in the last week?
Do you regularly check your YouTube comments?
Would you feel comfortable asking for a favor from a follower at random?
Would someone recognise your company from your Facebook name?
Have you ever used Facebook to encourage your audience to voice their opinions?
Do you know how to find your insights on Instagram?
Do you know when your audience is most active on Facebook?
Is your pinned facebook post less than 1 month old?
Do you have a pinned Facebook post?
Would you be notified if a client contacted you through Facebook?
Do all of your staff know your social media handles?
Do you encourage your followers to contact you directly?
Have you ever created a facebook event?
Do you regularly check your social media for dead links?
Do you know the optimum time to post on Instagram?
Have you ever created an advert for Instagram?
Have you ever encouraged your audience to like your other channels?
Do you know how to find where the majority of your latest viewers lived?
Have you ever provided an answer to someone’s question on Instagram?

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