Water Bear

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Our objective was to design, create, and execute a brand-building digital strategy; to build the SM platforms through growth hacking, in order to expand the reach of the business.  Our approach to achieving this objective was twofold:


Deliver organic content, to build social proofing and trust within the music education sector, and to present WB to their demographic as the authority in their market.

  • Becoming THE Authority: To position ourselves as the authority in music education, we identified the need – comparing other music education establishments – for well-informed, professionally delivered, free advice outside of the classroom. To do this, we set up weekly ‘pillar*’ video shoots to help musicians on their journey with long form hacks/tips/tricks and current music industry advice. *From these pillars we broke down the content to suit other platforms including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Building and Nurturing a Community: At a time where algorithms are stunting reach, it is more important than ever to build a community rather than an audience. In order to do this we try to bring daily value with engaging content.  We value one-to-one relationship building in the comments and direct messages. WB currently has an impressive 100% engagement rate. The means of encouraging this engagement ranges from Podcasts, Blogs, Radio Show, Interviews, Top Tips [videos], Band Opportunities, and Music Industry updates.


To take control of the digital advertising budget, and based on our industry expertise, maximise the value of the spend. We did this by…

  • Testing and Delivering Ads: Testing ads across several platforms to find out the most cost efficient and effective methods in terms of cost per enquiry. Using this test data as well as previous methods of delivery (extracted from our other successful campaigns) we have constructed an ad campaign to provide the best value for money.
  • Ad Calendar Management: Utilising events and key education landmarks (eg. Clearing/Graduation) to reach the right demographic at the right time, according to their consumption habits. Black Rock worked with WaterBear to devise a PR calendar with key events to drive traffic to the website.

Within the first six months prior to the college officially opening, the target number of students across the entire college was exceeded.