Our mission is to get your message heard
Our mission is help you build your brand through social media
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At Black Rock, we are obsessed with social media! We don’t just love it, we live it. It’s what we talk about when we first arrive at the office. We have WhatsApp groups in which we update each other and debate upcoming changes. Social media to us is the state of the internet today, where people communicate, socialise, learn, discover and entertain themselves and each other. 

Seek out the underpriced attention” – Gary Vaynerchuk

The process: At Black Rock, our mission to get your message heard starts with creating remarkable content, using different mediums like video, pictures, audio, graphics or text.

Distribution: Once we have valuable content, we distribute it using various organic and paid techniques to the right audiences. Seeking out the right demographic for your message is key to getting results.

Community: Building and looking after your community is a key aspect of developing your brand. Our BR community managers ensure that your audience have a voice which is heard. Great customer service builds engagement which helps to gain more reach for your content. . Your audience needs to be loved!

Insights/Reports: Communication is vital and we update you with regular reports, with key stats which can help develop your brand into new areas.

If you would like to discuss your social media & how we can help you achieve the results you deserve... Give Us A Call

Meet the Team

Damian Keyes

Head Strategist

‘Rocky IV is the best film ever made… Full stop.’

The big picture guy when it comes to brand building strategies. Bringing his own personal experience of building multi-million pound businesses [BIMM, DKMM, Warble Ent].

Edward Cox

General Manager

‘If it’s worth writing, then it’s worth writing it with a fountain pen.’

Cox by name and Cox by nature [as a nautical term of course]. The one responsible for the smooth sailing of the team, allowing them to do what they do best, which is – looking after your social media.

François Fourmy

Production Manager

‘Life is like a box of chocolates… Expensive in England, and better in France.’

The master of content. Francois makes high end, remarkable, and engaging content. Specialist in photography, videography, and animation techniques. His job is to make you look good!

Katie Thorpe

PA to the Director

‘Here for a long time, and a good time.’

Wherever Damian is, Katie won’t be far behind. Busy organising the behind the scenes and implementing the plans.

Sarah Pike

Account Manager

‘Strawberry with bits in… That’s my jam.’

Distribution expert, specialising in getting the right content seen by the right people. An outstanding creative writer, spreading your word far and wide!

Morgan M. James

Content Creator


Our resident YouTube specialist, bringing to the team his vast experience of building a personal brand. Growth hacking expert and cultural behaviour analyst.

What Our Clients Say

‘Black Rock produced a documentary which was instrumental in securing £1.2 million investment in our start-up company. Since then they have run our organic socials and online ads to great effect, using creativity and inventiveness to make the most of modest budgets. Innovation and drive have characterised the campaign and our new company already has a solid reach, growing audience and most importantly this is resulting in quality customers.’

Bruce Dickinson

Founder/Director, WaterBear Education Ltd

‘When it comes to Social Media, there are many companies that talk the talk, but Black Rock really do walk the walk too! They helped us improve our strategic approach to social media & advertising and gave us a strong insight into the current fast pace trends and changes with the social’s world. Highly recommended.’

Annaliza Bullock

Operations Manager, Warble Ents